Mothers and daughters.

A couple of new items have meandered into the compunabula warehouse over the past week or so. The first is a genuine Quadra 950 motherboard courtesy of Daniel Rubin of Superfluous Banter fame. You see, I humbly submitted a few snapshots of my collection for inclusion in his Old Technology Giveaway contest this summer, and by golly if I didn't win the darn thing at the end of the day. Go figure. Now I have a spare set of guts for my old workhouse 950, just in case the old beast in the basement needs a transplant down the road.

And how about this for a recent addition? A pair of prototype processor daughterboards, direct from the Apple/Motorola labs, are now gracing the teetering piles. One is 1997 vintage 275Mhz 'Goleta' card and the other is labeled as an Apple High Performance Processor Card Model 1100. The second card has a jumper soldered next to a 300Mhz marking, but has pads going up to 400Mhz. These are cards which can fit into pile of different Power Macintosh models included 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, and 9600 series. However, they came with some additional technical information which indicates that the High Performance Card will only work in conjunction with a Kansas motherboard, so this would rule out stuffing it into a non-Kansas 7600, 8600, or 9600 machine. At any rate, I have a number of boxes that I can end up using to try these cards out in. Nice.

Posted Grant Hutchinson   Timestamp Sunday, December 14, 2003

Six style sheets to the wind.

In the midst of an mad attempt to fix a style sheet display error which was occuring in Safari and a couple of other reasonably modern browsers, I forgot to change the declaration to point to the new CSS file. That's why this site had absolutely no style for the last week. I know that this probably only affected a hundred or so visitors, but that's not the point is it? I broke something and didn't realize it until a week later. Sorry about that. Anyway, everything looks the way it should again, and in more browsers than before.

Posted Grant Hutchinson   Timestamp Friday, December 12, 2003