Group hug.

Gah. I hadn't realized that it had been so long since my last post. It's not as if things haven't been slide into the old crap garage. Rather than recap everything since December, I'll just mention briefly that the newest resident of the compunabular fish tank is a Digital Ocean Grouper wireless access station for MessagePad 1x0 series Newton devices. This unit is next to new in its original box courtesy of the indelible Mr Jim Cheal, whom I snagged a rare, ruggedized and water-resistant Digital Ocean Tarpon device from a few months ago. I forget to mention that too, didn't I? The Tarpon is wireless as well, and both devices seem to communicate using the same technology. Now, if I can just get the power supply on the Tarpon to kick into gear, I may be able to get these babies chatting to each other.

Posted Grant Hutchinson   Timestamp Saturday, April 24, 2004