Same time next year.

Another e-cycling day has come and gone in our fair town, and so have a passel of electronic anchors previously weighing down my storage shelves. Off to various points beyond their life horizon were the following collected treasures. A 19 inch Conrac model 5222 rack mount broadcast monitor which I picked up at a garage sale for less than a fiver before I was married. I never got the thing to work, but thought that the solid metal housing was worth the salvage alone. When I noticed that the phosphor coating was starting to flake off the inside surface of the tube, it was time to let go. Another cathode ray monster also made the trip. This one was a 17 inch Mitsubishi color display that came with the SGI Iris 4D/310VGX graphics workstation a friend of a friend dumped off in my driveway a couple of springs ago. Again, I have no idea whether or not the monitor worked, but it had no historical significance for me and I swore on a stack of user manuals that I would continue to purge as many CRTs from my garage as possible. The rest of the drop off consisted of a sawdust encrusted HP DeskJet 500 (which I dug out of a neighbors' trash can and previously mentioned on this site), three x86 PCs of varying vintage and disassembly, and finally, a legal-sized file box stuffed full of used 3.5" floppies - mostly backups and product masters from my Image Club days. Don't worry, any disks containing data worth keeping or perusing at a later date were painstakingly copied, backed up, and burned to CD for safe keeping.

Posted Grant Hutchinson   Timestamp Sunday, May 09, 2004